First I would like to express my heartiest gratitude to Almighty Allah. I have been involved in textile industry since Dec, 1972. Then our business was limited to our local marketplace. It was 1985 when we entered into export business by sending readymade garments to Sweden first. Since then we have been carrying on our business with much reputation and success. We are now exporting knitwears, namely T-shirs, Polo shirts, Tank-tops, Jackets etc. to USA, UK, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Australia, France, Malaysia etc..

During this long course of business we achieved a wide variety of prestigious awards like OEKOTEX, INTERNATIONAL QUALITY EXPORT AWARD, THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CERTIFICATE, INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR COMMERCIAL PRESTIGE, CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FROM JERZEES. All this testifies to our achievements and success.
Survival of the fittest’ should be the motto to exist in this very competitive business environment. We are in the textile market for about forty years, during this time we have experienced many ups and downs of the business cycles and finally we survived. With long experience we developed a competent management team and workforce to not only maintain our status but also to grow to a higher and higher level.

As the turbulent business environment requires, we always try to keep pace with the changes taking place in business. Customers taste and preferences are given due consideration and products are designed and made accordingly.

We are committed to maintain excellent relationships with our customers by producing products and services on demand.